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Why Limassol?
LIMASSOL, the place to be

Limassol on the southern coast of Cyprus is the island's largest seaside resort. Its 15-kilometre coastline is marked by long-stretched sandy beaches bustling with bathers, varied water sports opportunities, as well as diverse cruises that offer charming views of the coast or a dreamy Mediterranean sunset experience.

The sandy expanse of Lady's mile is just ten minutes away, while a short 15-minute drive will take you to the impressive Curium beach.

A number of hotels are scattered throughout the city, but concentrated along the coast, offering a full range of accommodation opportunities for every preference and budget.
In contrast, the Troodos mountain range begins to rise inland just outside the city, inviting visitors and locals alike to escape to the cool mountain air in summer or enjoy skiing during the winter months.

Since the Middle Ages when the Crusaders ruled Cyprus under Richard the Lionheart, Limassol’s role as a trading centre was linked with its production of wine and sugar cane. Today, the second largest city of Cyprus with a population of around 200.000, rightfully claims its expanded and dual role as both an international business centre and a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis. Apart from its Mediterranean tourist appeal, the city’s location combined with the island’s generous tax breaks attracts companies from around the world, offering feasible opportunities to establish a base for their operations in the wider region. As a result, the city features a mix of nationalities from east and west, which give it a multicultural air all its own, where it is easy to feel comfortable and at home.

In terms of leisure activities, shopping and entertainment, Limassol has it all. Even if you are not in the water itself, the seaside promenade measuring several kilometres with a safe walkway and a dedicated cycle path is ideal for those who wish to stroll or cycle along the beach.

Shopping centres house numerous and well-stocked department stores and boutiques where consumer goods and designer products from around the world will fulfil all your retail expectations! Theatres, concerts and art galleries cater for every taste in culture and entertainment, while cinemas screen the latest film productions from Europe and the USA. And when it comes to wining and dining, the options are a reflection of the city’s international spirit, with ethnic restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. Local taverns focus on the specialities of the island, all combined in the famous multi-dish ‘meze’ that offers a sample of all the most popular flavours originating in the Cyprus kitchen.

The Old Town in particular is emerging as an entertainment magnet, as old buildings are transformed into traditional taverns or trendy cafés and bars, to accommodate the Limassolians’ ever-developing café culture.

As Limassol’s appeal continues to grow, so do its plans to develop even further. The increasing number regional and international conferences held on the island every year has prompted the government to start planning a purpose-built, full-scale conference centre in Limassol with a capacity of 3000 delegates.

Also, a new golf centre is currently in the pipeline and will soon begin to take shape in the suburbs west of the city, while plans are also in place for the development of the fashionable Old Port area in May 2008, which will provide a new 1000 berth Marina and entertainment complex.

Such progress is destined to generate an even greater demand for property, whether for holiday accommodation, permanent residence or as a viable and promising investment.